Mac OS Speech synthesizer’s speaking rate


Does anyone know what the default rate is for “Speech rate to be used, in words per minute.”
for --rate ? Also is there a “maximum” value ?


See NSSpeechSynthesizerMBS.rate as Double

The range of supported rates is not predefined by the Speech Synthesis framework; but the synthesizer may only respond to a limited range of speech rates. Average human speech occurs at a rate of 180 to 220 words per minute.

… except in Austria … :roll_eyes:

Lower or higher?

… a LOT lower …

It was obvious it was a LOT in one direction, based on your previous reply :wink:.

Austrians are known for a slow drawn-out pronunciation, especially in Vienna. There are even jokes about it:

A German and an Austrian go into the forest to catch snails. After 20 min the German returns to the car with a full basket to grab another one. He’s back with the second one full after just 15 min, and as he is just about to set off with a third basket he sees the Austrian - who only has TWO snails in his basket! “What’s the matter?”, he asks. “There are LOTS of snails around”. The Austrian answers [use slow voice]: “Yeess, buutt aass ssoooonn aass yoouu sseee theeemmm, whhooooossshh, whhooooossshh, thheeyy aarree gooonnee …”

This joke is about slowness in more than pronunciation, though (as I get it).

That’s the insinuation … :wink:

Ah I see. Ok no biggie.


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