Mac Emulator

How do I run a Mac emulator on Windows for testing Xojo apps?

I don’t think there is an emulator for macOS.

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Are you using the Windows IDE? My understanding is that it can’t build for Mac 64-bit in the first place, pending changes to the LLVM compiler.


Correct: Xojo running on Windows cannot build for Mac.

You can run MacOS on Windows using VMware or Virtualbox. You’ll need to do some searching for the details - it’s not a supported thing. You can build (compile) Xojo apps for Mac this way. You will need the appropriate Xojo license, and will need to install Xojo on the virtual Mac. Not sure about code signing and the app store as I distribute my app privately.

However if you’re going to sell your product, you should probably invest in a Mac and do things the right way.

Ahum, I think it’s against the EULA. MacOS should be run on Mac hardware only if I am right.

It’s better to buy a Mac and test the Windows version in a VM on the Mac.

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Not now…But back in the long ago day I owned these:


Just bear in mind that arm64 Macs are due to be announced at the end of this year, which means that you may need to buy two Macs to support Intel based Macs and iPad ARM Apple Silicon based laptops.

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You can find several tutorials on the internet to do that, for example with VirtualBox, which is free.

However, be aware that this is unlawful due to macOS’s EULA, so do it at your own risks.

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As Sam mentioned, right now it would be the wrong time to buy new Apple Mac Hardware with Apple Silicon pending. What about “Hackintosh” PC`s. Yes, they are not legal but you will find a lot of manuals. If I would need a Mac, I would try to bridge the time with such a Hackintosh.

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