Mac El Capitan crash

I don’t have an el capitan machine to test on but a customer says they are getting the attached error.

Can anyone tell from this what might be causing the problem?

Is there anything special we need to change to run on El Capitan? We are still on an older version of Xojo
because of one control that the developer has not upgraded yet (StyleGrid).

I’m thinking this may not be due to El Capitan but out of bounds exception has to do with an array that is out of bounds.

Why aren’t you on El Capitan? Every developer needs to do at least some testing with the latest version of the Mac OS. And if you only run it in a VM.

The StyleGrid should work with the latest version of Xojo. It’s just not 64bit, yet (or never will be or whatever).

And then there is the usual error tracking technique: make the customer a test build with more logging to find out where your OutOfBounds problem is coming from.

Yesterday, I spent an hour or so fighting an outofbound exception in a custom control, until I realized the control was not quite finished been created in its own Open event.

This to say one cannot always expect things to go smooth throughout all systems and Xojo versions. I also fear 64 bit may prove a bit tricky for things synchronized too tight, as the LLVM optimizing compiler and the faster execution may change the relationship between methods and events timing.

The small excerpt of crash report above mentions CustomControlCreatePane, which seems to point to a similar sync issue I encountered.

First thing I would do, though, would be to fire a VM and install El Capitan to try and reproduce the error.

This one is free:


Nota: I do not use it to install OS X only WIndows.

For OS X versions, I use external hard disks and boot on “them” (and have to follow the Xojo license way for each OS X version…)

Before I upgrade a machine, I clone the disk to an external drive. But as my iMac 2011 is still stuck with USB2, it is far too slow. I rather install older versions of the system into VMs.

On Mac, I have been using VMWare for quite a while, because of the extreme simplicity of copy/paste between host and guest, as well as data sharing. VirtualBox and Guest additions has never quite cut it for me on OSX.

I use it on Windows, though, to keep LinuxMint, XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 handy in my Windows 10 machine.

What I found out when I moved to an SSD drive was that virtual machines I always considered underperforming were now just as fast. They were probably slowed down by memory paging on conventional hard drives.

I found this out the hard way some time ago. Now I never rely on Open for most things, instead I make an Init function for every control & window that I call after instantiating it, and I don’t continue execution until I get a return value from Init saying that it was successful. This has cured a lot of mystery issues for me.