Mac Cocoa vs Mac x86-64

Hi. I’m confused as to why there are separate directories for “Mac x86-64” and “Mac Cocoa” under the “Build Resources” directory. Maybe I’ll answer my own question with the following thoughts, but please let me know if I’m misunderstanding something.

The only exported function of a plugin (whether it be a Windows DLL, Linux .so, or Mac .dylib) is the REALPluginMain function. This has no relation to the Cocoa Framework. If the internal implementation of the plugin makes no references to the Cocoa framework, would it make sense to put the identical .dylib in each Mac sub-directory (i.e. both “Mac x86-x64” and “Mac Cocoa”). I would imagine that if a plugin utilizes the Cocoa framework within its internal implementation, then a .dylib would exist under “Mac Cocoa”, but not under “Mac x86-64”, right? Also, what about universal dylibs? Should only the x86_64 architecture be contained within the .dylib for both? Or should both i386 and x86_64 be contained in the .dylib?

You should have the correct dylib for each to prepare for the day the IDE ships as 64 bit

Thanks Norman. Are you saying that “Mac Cocoa” really means “32-bit”? (In other words, when Cocoa was first introduced, only 32-bit was possible, and then when x86-64 came along the “Mac x86-64” directory was added?)

Yeah the names are not as clear as they should have been
But thats a legacy thing and we cant change them without breaking a fair number of things

Thanks Norman! I completely understand. :slight_smile: