Mac Based Reporting Tools

Looking for non-developer based reporting tools for the Mac. Does such a beast exist? I windows I’d probably start with Crystal Reports but I’m not finding anything on the Mac. Have anything I should be looking for?

Try this:

What do you mean by “non developer based” ?

Or these guys here: . Or Excel (just joking).

All reporting tools are “developer based”. It really depends on what you want to do. I have to use Cognos which is a huge huge pain when the setup isn’t done well.

Sorry, I used the wrong terminology. Standalone might have been the better term. What I meant was that I didn’t want to use a reporting tool that required the use of a programming environment.

Excel or Tableau fit your requirements.

Compile Shorts. Works for me :slight_smile:

Well, yeah, but I’m trying to find Mac reporting tools and the list is pretty short.


Why not Valentina reports? I don’t have a Mac so I don’t know if it travels well but Valentina works great for me on Windows. It also has a command line interface which adds to its usefulness if you want to use it as a standalone tool.

extremely short if you decline using java :stuck_out_tongue:

who doesn’t? java = bad. flash = bad. but that is my jaded personal opinion.

For some things java is the perfect tool
Thats usually NOT desktop apps - but you see a lot of them

[quote=293358:@Norman Palardy]For some things java is the perfect tool
Thats usually NOT desktop apps - but you see a lot of them[/quote]

I have had to suppose applications on the server side and desktop side for well almost ever and it is a constant battle. If java on the desktop didnt suck so bad, platforms likes Xojo would not have taken off as well as they did. Xojo works (very) well on the desktop on all the platforms it supports.

I will agree everything has its place.

Long ago & far away I did as well
Couldn’t have written what we did without it
It was literally the only viable choice

On the desktop - I tend to avoid it