Mac Apps Require 10.6, now 10.7

I’m trying to find out when Xojo switched from having generated Mac applications require OS 10.7 from requiring OS 10.6. Asked another way, what is the last version of the development environment that supported the generation of Mac applications that will work with OS 10.6 and above.

I looked at this page…

…and I note that if you download the latest Xojo dev environment, the Mac apps you create will require Mac OS 10.7 or above. But, it doesn’t say when the last time was that generated apps could run on Mac OS 10.6.

Anyone know? (Thanks in advance.)

2013r3.3 is the last one that supports 10.6.

These sort of things are typically tracked here:

Thanks Paul. Just to make double-sure I get this right…the page says…

Mac OS X 10.6: 2013 R3.3

So apps created with 2013 R3.3 DO support 10.6, right?

One might read that as 2013 R3.3 was the first to deprecate the use of 10.6 (so I would need 2013 R3.2 to create a Mac app for OS 10.6).


I’ve added a sentence above the list to clarify this.

Fantastic. Thanks Paul. Understood.

Good timing. I was just looking for this information on the System Requirements page the other day and was surprised it wasn’t there.

Would it make sense to add the ‘Deprecations’ link to the ‘System Requirements’ page?

Or something on the System Requirements page that states “Visit our ‘Deprecations’ page for more information on previously supported OS versions.”

Yes, yes it would.