Mac App Store Rules Question

Hi. I sell plugins from my web store that distribute a license key that can be entered into the app to unlock certain features that are not included in the main application. Add-ons etc. Is it ok to submit an app to the MAS with this functionality?

Essentially the app menu will have a link to “buy plugin” that opens the user’s default browser using ShowUrl() and goes to my store, and the other menu will have “unlock” or “install” where the user enters the key they just purchased.

Is this ok or will it only be allowed if the add-ons are purchased in-app through Apple directly?

this needs to be made an in-app-purchase.
Or just include it for all users free of charge with the App Store version.

Oh dear. That’s not what I wanted to hear. Are you 100% sure about this? Is there a link to this stipulation somewhere in their guidelines?

Nope – You’ll get a rejection, and if you try to hide it, and get caught you might be kicked out the App Store for good.

All sales* MUST go through Apple.

It’s literally why Netflix is suing Apple at the moment.

*There are exceptions, but what you’re suggesting isn’t one that I’m aware of. Mainly physical goods and services.

Understood. Many thanks to both of you.

You can use our StoreKit classes in MBS Xojo Plugins for this.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

If I use the storekit, would it make sense to just unlock the add-ons without the need for emailing them a key or is it possible to email them a key also? For instance, if they download and install it from the store (already purchased app) to another computer and then want to unlock the add-ons on a second computer, how do I allow them to validate the add-ons purchase again?

It’s one of those things; whereby on the Mac, you have alternative stores so you can sell how you imagine, but outside the App Store. On the App Store it has to be Apple’s way. They take their 30%, unless you sell a subscription service, where the second year Apple only take 15%.

On iOS, there is no alternative, it’s Apple’s way or forget selling iOS.

It’s a direct sale; once they pay; the application is told to unlock. You’ll never receive any customer information in order to send them an e-mail. Which makes it instant (sorta) for the customer.

Understood. But if they install again on another computer, how do I unlock the add-ons? How to I get them to download the add-ons purchase details and receipt to validate etc?

As per the guidelines for IAP; you have to include a button labelled something like “Restore Purchases”. Which will allow the customer to do just this.

Ahh, ok. Thanks.

Christian, does your storekit allow this “restore purchases” functionality?

yes, of course.

See the classes here:

And try the example project.