Mac App Store - "Missing LSHandlerRank".

In trying to push our second app to the Mac App Store; I’m getting a new warning about a missing “LSHandlerRank” in my document types.

So in trying to get my apps through Apple’s excruciating App Review process, I’ve modify App Wrapper to add this option. Download the latest beta of App Wrapper 3.9.1 (if your version is older than the date of this article) from

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Open your application in App Wrapper, then navigate to the “Info” pane. Under the “Document Types” click on the “+” button and add all the document types that your application supports. There’s a new column which reads “Rank”, click in each cell of this column and select an option. There are helptags for each option to help you decide which one is most appropriate. Save, wrap and enjoy.

This is very much a beta version as I’ve made some significant changes to the final stages in attempts to find some clues as to why the Notarized DMG files are being rejected on Catalina.


I wrapped my app with the beta, and tried to follow your instructions.

Since the app only deals with text files, I added text/plain, no icon, Default. I did not tick “Package” because I did not understand what it stood for. Then I ticked it in another try.

Application Uploader still reports the info.plist does not contain LSHandlerRank.

Since each unsuccessful attempt needs an increase in version, I started at 3.70 and am now at 3.73, still bad.

Is there anything else I should do ?

HI Michel;
I am sorry to hear that this beta is causing you grief. It sounds like you’ve got it configured correctly; as for Package unless you’re actually using “Document Packages” you shouldn’t need this option.

Can you e-mail me link to where I can download the package and take a look; preferably the one created by App Wrapper, but if not the unwrapped file should be fine. Use the “E-mail support” option on the Help menu to send me the link.

@Michel Bujardet Since each unsuccessful attempt needs an increase in version, I started at 3.70 and am now at 3.73, still bad.

Michel, I usually increase only the Non Release Version, leaving the version as it is.

I started with three digits, and the MAS expects it, now. I cannot use the 4th digit.

Anyway, in his gracious and efficient way, Sam has sorted that out now. I had forgotten some file types.

I will be able to submit today.

Thank you, Sam :slight_smile:

I want to report that with Sam’s help and his nifty App Wrapper, my app went smoothly through Application Uploader :slight_smile:

Sam is a genuine hero