Mac App Store Guidelines

Are there any guidelines for preparing XOJO apps for submission to iTunes Connect for approval for the Mac App Store?

I recently wrote a blog post about this:

Thanks Paul, just what I was looking for!

there are several tools out there for a Mac to help with all the little details getting the app ready for MacAppStore. If you want some of the titles, let me know and I can dig them up.


I’m using AppWrapper from seems very good although I have not submitted yet it has good reviews

Well there’s several things to think about.
#1 Does your application meet Apple’s Guidelines?

#2 Can it be Sandboxed, this one is perhaps a little harder to answer yourself, but if you ask I’m sure we can help.

#3 Then there’s the part of setting the properties, code signing and applying the sandbox. There’s a couple of apps that can help you with this stage.

Forgot to mention that yesterday Apple approved “App Wrapper Mini”, which is a smaller version of “App Wrapper”, but the key is that App Wrapper Mini is a Retina ready, Sandboxed application on the Mac App Store (where as App Wrapper can’t be Sandboxed).

I’ve posted a table showing the other differences.


You should add the icon editor to App Wrapper too. :wink:

[quote=19881:@Christophe De Vocht]@Sam

You should add the icon editor to App Wrapper too. ;-)[/quote]
It most likely will end up in there, it does have to be redesigned as it’s designed for a Cocoa application and I might have difficulty getting it into a Carbon app.