Mac App Security Settings

I have a desktop app developed with XOJO that I would like to distribute to selected Mac users using a link to a DMG file (produced using DMG Canvas). My question is, how would the Mac users handle the security issues associated with downloaded files for this app? Would they have to change their security setting for Allow apps downloaded from: to Anywhere? I know this is not a safe setting. What is the best way to handle this situation?

The best way is to get a Apple Developer account ($90/year). Sign your app and everyone is happy.
Distributing an app that not has been code signed will have low use/sales.

Thanks Christoph. I agree that the Apple Developer account is probably the best solution. However, this app was meant to be used by a select group of friends and colleagues and not to be sold or put on the App Store. Are there any other ways to get around the Mac security issues for this case?

The only “way around” the Gatekeeper security warning is to code-sign your Mac app, which you can only do with the certificate that comes with a paid Mac App Developer account.

Your users can still install the software by changing the preference you noted above to “Anywhere” or by right-clicking on the app and selecting Open. This will display another prompt that will allow them to give permission to launch the app.

This info is described in the Apple About Gatekeeper page.

If it is for a select audience… GateKeeper will only ask once

If you right-click > open an app you don’t have to change your security settings.