MAC 64 Bit Target

I cant create a MAC 64 bit application. When I select 64 bit for MAC, the Build button turns gray.
Any clue what I am doing wrong?
I develop on Windows 10 64 Bit, and can only create 32 Bit applications for MAC.

What Xojo version?

The latest available, 2019r1

Crap, the website itself is very misleading regarding that. That was the only reason I purchased it. So I would need to install it also on the MAC in order to compile my project? Can I run both Windows and MAC Xojo with the same license?

Which version did you purchase?

I purchased the Desktop version for $299, 2019r1.

Yes, you are able to run that on 3 separate machines (mac/win/linux) as long as its only you using them.

Thanks, just tested it and it works fine. I will then develop on Windows and can just recompile it on Mac if needed.

I think the $299 Desktop License only permits 2 activations (this is what I currently have). The more expensive Pro license allows for 3 computers.

This is mentioned on the License page, linked from the main Download page.

I hope that helps to keep things clear.

I did not know that as I usually (but not always) use Xojo on a Mac and compile for both Mac and Windows from there …

That will be a real issue for Windows users once the Mac OS won’t run 32 bit apps… and I don’t know how they will deal with that with Joe gone.

It seemed to me Xojo was trying to shed it’s image of treating Windows as a second class citizen… That does not help!

  • Karen