M_TOML v.1.0, a TOML library for Xojo

Kem Tekinay of MacTechnologies Consulting is pleased to announce M_TOML, a free TOML library.

TOML (“Tom’s Obvious Minimal Language”) is a data markup language, similar to JSON in its intent, but easier to read and manage for humans. This library implements ParseTOML_MTC to convert a TOML string into a Dictionary, and GenerateTOML_MTC to create a TOML string from a Dictionary. It is compatible with TOML v.1.0.0 (the latest as of this writing) and includes classes that will let you have finer control over the data, like specifying local dates and times.

This is a free project hosted on GitHub. Check the README there for additional details.

Kem Tekinay has been a Mac consultant and programmer for more years than he’d care to admit. You can find him here on the forum as @Kem_Tekinay.