M_Crypto for Xojo v.2.5.1

Kem Tekinay of MacTechnologies Consulting is pleased to announce an update to M_Crypto (formerly Blowfish_MTC), a free set of encryption tools for Xojo.

M_Crypto 2.5 adds SHA-256 and SHA-512 digest classes. These work similarly to the native MD5Digest class in that they permit you to calculate their respective hashes in chunks with the ability to get the current value along the way.

M_Crypto implements AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, Blowfish, Bcrypt, Scrypt, and now SHA-256/SHA-512 digests in all-native Xojo code (no plugins!) in easy-to-use modules and classes. This free, open-source project is well-documented in the included Read Me file, has been optimized for speed, and is 32- and 64-bit compatible. The included project comes with an all-purpose encryption and decryption app that can be used for testing, along with an extensive series of unit tests, and a complete command-line utility.

The project is available at GitHub at: