M_Crypto for Xojo v.2.2

Kem Tekinay of MacTechnologies Consulting is pleased to announce an update to M_Crypto (formerly Blowfish_MTC), a free set of encryption tools for Xojo.

M_Crypto v.2.2 adds a native-code implementation of Scrypt, a password-hashing algorithm along the lines of Bcrypt and PBKDF2. Scrypt can be made “costlier” than other algorithms and therefore harder to attack via brute-force. You can read more about it here:


This update also adds GenerateUUID as a M_Crypto method that uses native system calls where possible generate a cryptographically secure UUID.

The previous update added a command-line utility that will make these tools available in the terminal. The CLI will allow you to encrypt and decrypt with various options or generate a Bcrypt or Scrypt hash.

M_Crypto implements AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, Blowfish, Bcrypt, and, now, Scrypt in all-native Xojo code (no plugins!) in easy-to-use modules and classes. This free, open-source project is well-documented in the included Read Me file, has been optimized for speed, and is 32- and 64-bit compatible. The included project comes with an all-purpose encryption and decryption app that can be used for testing, along with an extensive series of unit tests, and a complete command-line utility.

The project is available at GitHub at: