M_Crypto 2.8 - Encryption and Hashing Module Update

Kem Tekinay of MacTechnologies Consulting is pleased to release M_Crypto v.2.8, an update to the free encryption and hashing module.

This version improves performance of the encryption classes slightly, and the Scrypt hash dramatically. Behind the scenes it now uses MemoryBlock (and other API2 classes) instead of the older Xojo.Core.MemoryBlock.

The full release notes:

  • Converted from Xojo.Core.MemoryBlock to MemoryBlock.
  • Started using some API2 calls.
  • Improved AES performance slightly.
  • Improved Scrypt performance dramatically (5X!).
  • Improved Bcrypt performance slightly.
  • Improved Blowfish performance slightly.
  • General code clean-up.
  • Improved SHA code.
  • Streaming encryption can be ended with an empty string when isFinalBlock is True.

M_Crypto is a free, open-source project that implements AES and Blowfish encryption, SHA2 and SHA3 digests, and Scrypt and Bcrypt hashes. It is available on GitHub at :