Low Resolution on macOS

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Hello all,

The resolution of my application on macOS is really low, somewhere like back old day’s 72dpi. This resolution is on all things displayed: window, control, button, text, etc.

I did try something like:

g.AntiAliasMode = Global.Graphics.AntiAliasModes.HighQuality

where g is graphics type, but no effect.

Is there a way to get them displayed at true resolution that the system supports?


You might have the build switch off, this happens when updating older projects.

In the Navigator (left), underneath Build Settings, select Shared.
In the Inspector (right) look for “Supports Hi-DPI” and make sure it’s on.

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I looked in the Documentation for resolution, etc. but found nothing that helps, until your post.
That does it. Thank you much, Tim!

The DesktopWindow has a ScaleFactor property that tells you the scale factor for the screen that the window is on. For old style non-retina screens it would be 1, for retina 2.

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Thank you, Ian. I will try them out.

There is also a ScaleFactorChanged event that fires when the window is dragged from a screen with one resolution to another.

Make sure you turn on “Supports Hi-DPI” otherwise it will always read 1 no matter the screen.

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