lostFocus doesn't not fire in web 2.0 when not using the keyboard

I have just reported Bug 61985. Xojo was able to reproduce it. Abet after some confusion.

If you use the mouse from one webtextfield to another webtextfield the lostfocus event does not fire.
It fires fine if you use the keyboard and tab out.
It fires fine if you mouse from a webtextfield to another object…just don’t mouse your way to a second webtextfield.

This is particularly perplexing for two reasons.

  1. It is possible to test you app and declare it bug free, by simply not testing all input devices!
  2. There is no work around. You cant disable the mouse.

Xojo is aware and working on the situation. I’m told its not a quick and simple fix. However, as it cost me a day of head scratching, I wanted to post it her so that others will be aware.


I have noticed this too. I use Lost Focus to format fields eg TitleCase, and this is not happening when you click from field to field.