Lost Feedback, can I get the body from a temp file?

I just lost a feedback due to a bug in feedback :frowning:

Every time I send it in, I get the same error and feedback crashes. I can only Discard or Submit, I cant view/edit.

Is there somewhere I can look to get the body of the message so I don’t have to retype it all from scratch?

Got the file, Greg sent me details on its location.

I copied it to the desktop and renamed it to a .xml so I could read it in an xml viewer.


Can only attach one item to the initial report for the moment: <https://xojo.com/issue/48744>
(my additional comments seem to be marked as private from the previous Feedback issues)

But yeah, I reported it.

I cant attach anything at the moment. I’ve only been trying one attachment, I’ve tried it in the initial post and in sub posts.

I’ve resorted to links for now.

It would be nice if they made feedback into a nice web app using a language that makes web apps? Anyone know one? :wink:

I’ll add that to the pile…

Attachments are not working at the moment, but it’s first on my list for tomorrow.

After WE launched, there was a soft goal to get it to the point that Feedback could be created with it. I had done mockups and there was some feature planning, but obviously nothing materialized of it.