Lost entire images folder after IDE crash

Hi Folks,

I suffered an IDE crash (2023r1.1) yesterday on my Mac and a new folder full of .xojo_images was lost from the project file (Text project). The folder on the disk is still there, there’s just no reference in the project when it is reloaded into the IDE.

I’ve tried importing the folder and dragging and dropping it from Finder to the Navigation pane, but neither bring the images back in.

Is there a way to reconnect these (121 @1 and @2 images) without recreating them manually?

that’s usually the reason why you use Git.

And that would mean something if I’d gotten the work saved. Hard to check something in and the restore if if it didn’t get saved or into the repo to begin with.

But, it turns out that it matters WHERE on the Navigation pane you drop. Dropping the folder in between two other folder worked.