lost connection to MySQL server during query

Hi Guys,

I have just installed r3

MySQL Community Server

Program will connect to DB fine however when you do a query the error “lost connection to MySQL server during query” is returned.

Has anyone seen this or know of a cure?

I replaced the MYSQL plugins with the 2015r4.1 version and the program runs fine.


This was a known issue in the R2.x series with threads and MySQL. In testing during the beta we felt it was fixed.

I would submit an example project via Feedback ASAP.

I have just installed 2018R1.1

The program Connect fine to the MySQL Server.

After the connection I execute 43 crosses one after the other.
This has been working for 10 years, up to Xojo 2015 R2.4.

For versions higher than 2015 R2.4, the application runs on Mac. Under windows, the third query is followed by the error: “lost connection to MySQL server during query”.

Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with the MySQL plugin?

I would be grateful for help

I see a report about some problem with SSL servers and MySQL. The workaround for them was to install 2015r4.1 mysql plugin into 2018r1.1

In this case you say everything works until 2015r2.4, so I guess you already tried 2015r4.1

I don’t know if you can backup 2018r1.1 mysql plugin and copy 2015r2.4 (or 2015r4.1 if that works) and test your project again.

If you can replicate the problem and the workaround works, that will help them to fix any issue.

well that makes sense now for all my server errors , is this plugin fixed in the next release ? or it will be fixed ?

From Feedback cases I have seen, Xojo haven’t found any problem with their tests, so I hope someone can give them proof (and a way for them to reproduce and test) that something is wrong so they can change the plugin.

you are right here, I will try to do some more tests and then focus maybe on reproducing this and submit an update, I guess that would be the best option here.


I have testet the workaround to copy the old mysql plugin from 2015r2.4 in 2018r1.1, but the old plugin have not a 64Bit Part.
And i will update all my projects to 64Bit.

The Workaroud Works.
Copy the MySQL Plugin from 2015R4.1 in the plugin Folder from 2018r1.1.

My Application run on Mac on Windows, 32 and 64Bit without Errors.

I think the new MySQL Plugin is bad and i hope is better in the next Version.

Norbert, because this issue is different than the SSL-MySQL already reported, could you make a sample project that will help Xojo team to reproduce the project and confirm there is something that could be changed (MySQL plugin) and create a Feedback project with that information and project?