Looking forward to build for Linux ARM 64bit

I use Xojo to build webservices, running on Ubuntu vm boxes. Recently I discovered, that Oracle is offering free virtual machines and those running on ARM are quite powerful (free tier contains up to 4 OCPU, 24 GB of RAM, 200 GB diskspace). One can get free vps on AMD as well, but then we are limited to 1 GB of RAM).

So it comes in handy that ARM64 for Linux is on top of the roadmap.

My Xojo webservices are mainly creating a link between Wordpress webpages and CubeSQLServer databases and Xojo desktop apps.

A great tool to quickly install the webservices, SSL secure them with Letsencrypt and easily update them is Lifeboat, by Tim Parnell. Strawberry Software - Lifeboat

I even used Oracle Clouds micro instance vps (1GB RAM) with Lifeboat and installed a Xojo webapp on it, and it runs astonishingly well. Once we have ARM64 support, I will use Xojo webapps on the more powerful Ampere instances in the Oracle Cloud. For free.

Oh is this where you got the ARM instances? I will have to start testing with oracle! Thanks for the tip!

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Watch out that you do not exceed the OCI free tier limits. During trial period, you can easily install instances or resources which do not qualify for “always free”, which results in deletion of the whole instance (vps) after trial period.

Check out some of the videos on OCI free tier at the Idea Spot channel on youtube:

AWS ARM exists for years now.

AWS - for free?! Check the current specs of OCI free tier!

When I studied economics I leaned “There is no such thing as a free lunch”, so I believe we need to read the details to know where the catch is. By the way, you are the only Oracle Cloud user that I personally know.

I think that this one can be handled carefully for a near to $0 bill.

Or this one:

There are limits of resources and time. That’s the catch.