Looking for suggestions - IOS or web app?

We have a client that uses handheld devices to track their route deliveries. We are contemplating re-writing their route delivery app and running it on iPad Mini’s. The question arises as to whether this should be an IOS app or a web app. Their current system has to be sync’d before the drivers leave for their deliveries and sync’d again when they return with the updated information from their deliveries. They currently have routes in 3 different cities so the syncing has become a big deal and something that just seems to slow everything down.

We would like this to be real-time so that we can eliminate the syncing. We are trying to consider all the pros and cons of an IOS app or a web app. Please provide your feedback and/or suggestions that we should consider before proceeding with one or the other.

From the standpoint of spotty cell coverage, an iOS app will be a lot easier on the drivers.

What about IOS app updates? The last time I create an IOS app, they had to be submitted to the App store and updates would take days if not weeks to get approved. That could be a real hassle for an internally used app.

I’m thinking even with an IOS app, we would be connected to a backend database and would encounter syncing issues if data could not be transmitted right away.

Are these not relevant any more?

That’s what an Enterprise developer account is for.

You don’t connect directly to a database from an iOS app. Typically you connect to an api of some sort which in turn talks to the database. The advantage is that if the device has connectivity issues, you’ll have an opportunity to run in an offline mode for a while.