Looking for Simple Drawing Class


I have tried to write a basic graphical interface to do the rudimentary stuff like draw objects, add images and text, as well repositioning and resizing, but it didn’t work out very good. Does anyone know of classes available to do this. Something that you could save and open afterwards with a text/json string would be ideal.

Thanks for any help


Read the SuperDraw article in xDev 12.5 is a good place to begin.
Superdraw used to be downloadable as source code but I cant track it down right now.

+1 on the SuperDraw article

The article is actually called “Expanding Objects - How OOP can make enhancing your software easy”

You can download the project file 12508 at http://www.xdevmag.com/browse/12.5/12508/

Thanks very much Jeff and Markus! It has all the bits I couldn’t get right, smooth movement and resizing. I’m sure I’ll be able to add the less trickier bits (duplication, restraints, saving, etc)

Brilliant! :slight_smile: