looking for plugin to remove all ID3 tags from mp3 / mp4 files

Hi All,

I am looking to see if anyone has a plugin (happy to purchase) that would remove ID3v1 / ID3v2 tags.

thank you in advance.

ffmpeg can do this:

ffmpeg -i input_tagged.mp3 -vn -codec:a copy -map_metadata -1 output_untagged.mp3

replace input_tagged.mp3 with your mp3 track name and the output_untagged.mp3 with the name you want it to have when tags (and cover art) are removed.

On macOS it would be possible to do this via AVFoundation, but that has a steep learning curve.

I don’t think AVFoundation can write mp3.

And keep in mind that an app that alters MP3 files (in any way so also removing metadata) will need to pay for (huge) license fees. And the Fraunhofer Institute are very vigilant to pursue you for doing so - even for a free or cheap app. Trust me … :-/

what kind of $$$ are we talking for this mp3 fee you’re talking.

That’s no longer true, as of 2017.

Thank you for the responses above. Ideally, I was looking for a xojo plugin or xojo class that I could add to my application. As far as cost, the app I am writing is for home use; however, if someone has something already that can do what I am asking, please give me pricing.

The file format is publicly available, you could probably write some code to “erase” the meta data.

It would be a valuable lesson in learning how to use a binary stream and to manually process other file formats.


you make a great point. I am going to look at the mp3 / mp4 format.

It is still the case. The patent expired but you still need to pay for a license for altering/creating MP3 files. It’s even more expensive than AAC.

BTW a MP3 player is now free though

They ended the licensing program so unless you’re doing something very specific with the technology (none of us will be), there is no license to get. That’s why a lot of Linux distros now ship mp3 support by default.