Looking for new icons for an app - need both windows and mac

Looking for some new icons for a new application and I need them for both mac and windows.

Any suggestions - free would be best.

To make macOS Squircle icons there are several templates out there. If you do not use a template your icon will look wrong.

Personally I just use the same Squircle for both Mac and Windows, but when Xojo did that a handful of Windows aficionados complained. That was some years ago though.

Apple developer resources - templates
Affinity Designer template
Figma template

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FatCows has a nice set. (of icons)


If your taste is more inclined to macOS, you can download SF Symbols for free and then copy each image out as PNG or SVG.

If you search the forum, I think there is some example code somewhere to help display SVG files in Xojo, or take a look at the Einhugur SVG Plugin, it works quite well.

The benefit of SVG over PNG is that you can dynamically resize an SVG and you don’t loose any quality. So only a single file for an SVG image verses multiple for PNG.

I get all my icons from icons8.com and SF Symbols.


Image2Icon works nicely to convert any picture into an icon. It works well and I use it for Mac. I wouldn’t know on Windows