looking for Montreal area fellow programmers

Hi you all.

I’m a seasoned 4D programmer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, searching for fellow local Xojo programmers that could help me assess the feasibility of converting a major accounting software (over 35+ years in development) to Xojo.

It’s a daunting task and I would like very much to have a feeling if I have a golden path ahead of me, or a dead-end.

Thanks for considering!

Ren Ricard

I’m not in Montreal but I will speak up. First there are other xojo programmers in Montreal. Don’t know how frequently they visit the forums. Secondly xojo has a long future ahead. I say that as a non-xojo person. Aka I don’t work for xojo or have insight into their business.

I know several people who now write in xojo instead of Foxpro. And the same with FileMaker. Why? Xojo’s path and predicted longevity.

If you have specific questions, the forums are a great place to ask them.

Just my 2 cents

I’m not even on the same side of the planet as you, but if I can help I will.

Hi Ren,

I’m not in Montreal too but as said Scott, with Xojo forums you can get help for your questions or doubts.

By curiosity, I would like to know …
-How many modules has the app?
-What database is using the app?
-From what language you want migrate the app?

Ren, I met half a dozen fellow Xojo Montreal programmers last summer, and I know that there are many more in the area. I don’t think that this is so important in the context of your request. You will find that this forum is “inhabited” by a very friendly and very helpful community. Xojo engineers very often offer expert advice, in addition to seasoned Xojo users. You really don’t need to talk to local people. Already, very experienced programmers from around the world suggested here that they are ready to help you if you have specific questions. The general rule is to do your homework, provide enough detail so someone can understand the issue and offer solutions, and never forget to say thank you. These simple rules will ensure that you will get plenty of help here.

Nobody can tell you whether Xojo will be around for a long time. What we can tell you is that Xojo is a solid tool with a rich history, and a bright future. We can tell you that adopting Xojo does entail some learning curve: object-oriented programming if you have not done any, will be the #1 challenge. Language specifics also need to be learned. As a former VB6 programmer, I can tell you that the transition is very smooth. Much easier than the transition to VB.Net in my opinion.

Now, if you have specific questions, many of us (most more experienced and better than I am), are ready to help. If you need expert consulting help, I suggest that you contact customer service, they will guide you through consulting requests. There are several consultants that are expert and frequent contributors to this forum.

Just looked up 4D. I did not know that language. It seems to have its own database engine. Depending on your needs, you could use the embedded SQLite solution that comes with Xojo, or one of many supported RDBMS. I like SQL Server. Many others like and prefer Postgre. Many use mySQL or MariaDB. There are other engines as well which are often used with Xojo.

Based on the very quick glance I had at some code examples, the syntax is somewhat different in Xojo versus what you are used to, but I was able to understand most of the code I read. You should be able to transition nicely. Beyond, you will have to ask specific questions.

Bonjour Ren,

Nous sommes situs en Gaspsie et dveloppons avec Xojo depuis trois ans. Nous avons dj conu un systme GMAO ou CMMS par le pass. Peut-tre pourrions-nous contribuer ton projet.