Looking for glib-networking Linux library

Hi everybody,
I have a CGI web application written with Xojo 2019r1.1 that runs on a shared Linux server (CentOS 7).
My application must communicate with an SMS service via API Rest, and to do this I use the URLConnection class. The URLs I need to connect to are all https, and when I send any command to these URLs I get the following error message:
TLS / SSL support not available; install glib-networking
I have searched everywhere for this library, also asking for help in this forum, but it was all in vain.
Is there anyone who can give me some indication?
Thank you so much.

sudo yum install glib-networking

should do it. You will need to have GNOME installed. You might see dependencies errors, which you need then to post here if you are not very familiar in using Linux.

@Jeannot_Muller My app is running on a SHARED Linux Server, so I can’t install anything, nor modify any setting.

I’m afraid that’s the “solution” then … :frowning: .

Can you use some cheap servers (droplet) from digitalocean.com for instance? As long as you don’t have a server with full control, you might run into many challenges. Droplet at do are starting at 5 USD, so there isn’t much you can do wrong with that.

Don’t forget that your local machine (macOS, Windows, linux) might have “more installed” in terms of libraries than your remote production server. Hence the effect, that things might run locally w/o an issue, but not on your targeted remote server.

One example are fonts. You usually have more and special fonts on your local machine, but less on your linux machine … etc.

Hi Jeannot, you are right when you say that there are things running right locally, but non on the server.
About fonts, I had to copy some of them in a custom folder; the same with libsoup-2.4 library, required by URLConnection class.
But the SSL/TLS connection requires glib-networking library, and I can’t find it

Hi Nedi,
fonts are different story, they can be located anywhere if you tell your app where to find them. libsoup is a very small library, which has it’s own API to work.

For Glib https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/glib the integration into the core operating system is “bigger”. I doubt you make this run, by only “providing” the library, it has to be installed, but you have no rights to install. So either you have to ask your provider (unlikely they will do that, but you never know) or it will be less time consuming to change the provide IMHO.

Thank you for your answer, Jeannot.
I know very little about Linux world, so if you say that glib-networking is to be installed, then the game is over. The provider doesn’t change anything on a shared server, I already know that.
It’s a pity, because this mean that on these shared servers it’s impossible to use all the services that need a SSL/TLS connection.
And in my case I can’t change the provider.
Thank you very much, Jeannot!

Perhaps you want to reach out to @Tim_Parnell, he seems to have deep knowledge of CentOS.

Why can’t you change the provider? You might be able to read the data from your current provider from a differente server, where your webapp is running?

@Tim_Parnell gave me a big help last week about libsoup, but told me that he couldn’t help me about glib.
My provider is Aruba and my problem is not reading the data from one server to another: my problem is using Aruba’s SMS services.
However is not a big problem, because handling SMS is provided by Aruba itself by a control panel, and therefore sending SMS with my app it’s not so vital.

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Was it you I helped convert an API request for this? Do you need to be on the Aruba servers to use that API? The code I wrote should work even if you’re not on the same server (but that doesn’t consider possible authorization protection).

Ok, I see … perhaps they have another tier of hosting, with more flexibility? I encourage you to think about having more freedom on your server (even if you are not yet an expert). There more you are trying with Xojo Web, the more you might run into challenges. Be it backing up and restoring databases, load balancing, firewalls, etc. As Tim can’t help, I’m most likely right, you can’t bypass this by just copying some library, that’s the reason you don’t find anything on the web … :frowning:

Hi Tim, yes, I was the one asking for the PHP to Xojo translation, and your help was crucial. Unfortunately, there is now this problem, but as I told @Jeannot_Muller, it is not a blocking problem. I just don’t send the SMS through my application, but through the control panel provided by Aruba.
Since the web space is on Aruba, and in this space there is not only my application, but also the client’s website, it is certainly not worth changing the provider, nor even switching to a dedicated server, spending ten times the amount spent today.
Thank you so much, Tim!!

Hi Jeannot, surely you are right, and I thank you for your responses and for the time you dedicated to me: as I told @Tim_Parnell, it is not worth it either to change provider, nor to switch to a dedicated server, since the problem is not blocking and has been solved through the control panel provided by Aruba.
Thank you again.

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