Looking for Automatic Update for an app sample

Does anyone have a Mac sample that does automatic updating for new versions of an app?

It doesn’t have to run in the app store, but when I post a version on my website, I’d like at least like users to be notified and even better for an automatic installation of the new version. I saw something called Sparkle that works with Xcode, but I’m not sharp enough to figure out how to get it working in Xojo. And I see that MonkeyBread has a module to do it, but I’ve probably already put too much money into a cheap item that may never sell enough to recover what I’ve already paid for in tools, and that MBS module is quite expensive.

Hm. If you just get Cocoa Plugin from MBS, you can use the sample code there for the Sparkle updater.

That’s less money than the complete set + updater kit.