Looking for advice on Web 2.0


Last October I took a serious look at web 2.0 and found I was only able to update one of our 15 web apps and was wondering if it’s time to re-visit this. Is there more backward compatibility yet?


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You can read the Release Notes from the versions released after you tested.

I don’t think anything mayor for backward compatibility has been released since October, but I can be wrong.

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If you use any fields to take in Data. Web 2.0 is completely unreliable.

Until bug 61985 is fixed It is impossible to use the lost focus event to determine whether the user actually input data or not.

The user can put in critical data. It can be ignored by Xojo.

It’s a crapshoot based on whether the user is using the tab key or the mouse to click from field to field.


Thank you very much! I will resume my wait and see posture.

OOOH! I just opened bug 61985 in Feedback. I got marked FIXED!

The release after october was about iOS, so… No, web 2.0, there was no improvemnt on web. This year looks like it is going to be Android focused, so with 1.0 abandoned and 2.0 still looking like an alpha release, it is a bad timing to work with Xojo web :frowning_face:


I don’t believe that you will be able to convert much of your application as it stands now. I decided to work part time (as a “spare time project”) on porting one of my applications to web 2.0. In 1.0, I was using the “single page multiple containers” approach. In Web 2.0, containers take so much time rendering, this is just not practical. One page that used to include 4 containers would take about 3 minutes to show and be ready for input. I refactored it as a page and replaced the containers with page panels. The page takes about 12 seconds to get to a usable state on the lan. Still way too much to deploy, but it does demonstrate that changing certain approaches and paradigms will help.

I still spend more that ten times the time on fiddling with the infamous bootstrap.min.css than I required using Web 1.0 styles for the same goal. (not a big fan of that! - but it works ijn the end). Some controls are more difficult than others to adjust because they are not just a single CSS class. Figuring out how to fix a particular type of control without breaking everything else can be a challenge. So, it is better in my view to do it slowly now and get used to web 2.0 intricacies, even if the app cannot be deployed to production.

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I still wait for getting styles as project items back, a style editor and a way to go forward with old projects.
Beside that WebListbox has bugs, e.g. 63257 - WebListBox RowTagAt returns incorrect value on reading


I’m waiting on tab order problems.
62221 - Duplicating A WebTextField causes tab ordering problems


I dynamically embed containers for my pretty much all of my UI in my web apps. I have issues with the Tab Ordering, issues with embedding locking properly, issues with not having responsive design and having to hack it in, issues with WebListbox (esp on mobile), etc… — I don’t find Web2.0 to be at a very usable state.

Also fair to note is that Xojo stated that they would be “dog-fooding” Web2.0 by having Feedback offered as a Web App. You’ll notice that this still is not yet done. And I hope when it is done that it works great from my mobile phone. I don’t believe Web2.0 has these challenges figured out yet but I’m hoping Xojo will through the process of getting Feedback working. It’s also fair to note that there are a ton or promised features for Web2.0 that still don’t exist - drag and drop, session state reloading, various missing controls, auto-layout, etc…

I don’t want to undermine the vast amount of work done for Web2.0 and it’s quite the accomplishment. It just still has a long ways to go to be easily utilized by a novice user. I can hack in a lot of the things I need but its unfortunate that I have to do this and I spend more time fighting the framework than I do using its benefits. Personally I’d wait, but I don’t know the complexity or needs of your apps.


I ran through my 20 or so outstanding Feedback items today and they are still not working despite being very commonly needed features, tested by Xojo as faults and with non-working examples. The WebListBox and WebComboBox are my biggest cause of pain.


Christian is it returning a random value or is there some sort of consistency to it? I would hate like hell to share one users account to the wrong user, or have Xojo inadvertently changed the data of a record that I did not intend to change.

These aren’t bugs these are critical liabilities.

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As far as I see, they use some hash, which causes two lines to get the same associated tags.
Xojo Inc. may look on source code to check what’s really the issue.