Looking for a Vertical Slider

I am looking for a vertical slider control. Is the one, a way to make the current horizontal slider vertical?

I looked through the docs and did see anything jump out at me.

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just change the width to be narrow and the height to be tall

it doesn’t draw correctly in the IDE, but does when run

Got it! How strange though.


For reference: http://developer.xojo.com/userguide/desktop-pickers$Slider

Before fully committing to the sliders, please note that (at least on Windows) if you have multiple sliders they may never get the focus when trying to tab through them. The scrollbars, on the other hand, always get the focus when tabbing through them.

Is there something to use as vertical scroller in iOS Xojo?


iOS doesn’t really use scrollbars. What are you trying to accomplish? Perhaps you can use the ScrollableArea control?

Have you perused the Control Library in the IDE?
There is both a Vertical and Horizontal ScrollBar control that can be used independent of any other control

I have two vertical sliders that no longer render properly in Xojo 2016 r4.1. They have a height of 200 and width of 25. The round “handle” appears but nothing else. I set the ranger from 0 to 199 and an initial state to 0 but the handle is always placed in the center. It also will not move. Horizontal sliders work fine.

“Xojo for iOS” doesn’t seem to support vertical sliders, as it doesn’t seem to allow you to change the “height”.
Xojo aside, even in ObjC and Swift, you need to perform a Affine transform to change the orientation,

So what happens if you RUN the app? (see my above post,)

FYI… what part of San Diego… I live down in the CV/NC area.