Looking for a solution to use "couchbase" in Xojo apps

Is there someone who has a solution to add “couchbase” database to a Xojo project. “couchbase” has a build-in synchronization and can be use on macOS and iOS. With this database we can build applications for macOS, iOS, tvOS and Windows that can sync the data over the network directly form device to device. No need to use dropbox, iCloud or any other data-space.

I did not experiment myself, but I would start with the odbc driver, and xojo odbc database plugin ?

example with the firebird database implementation in xojo:

Can we use a ODBC in sandbox environment for apps on MAS? ODBC is not available on iOS.

Couchbase uses a REST API. You could easily use that…

This is from the REST API on Couchbase.com

When developing a Couchbase Server-compatible SDK, the REST API is used within your library to handle views. Views enable you to index and query data based on functions that you define.

Tip: The REST API should not be used to read or write data to the server. Data operations, such as set and get are handled by Couchbase Server SDKs.

But there is no XOJO SDK…

If you download couchbase-lite you get two frameworks

Maybe we can use these frameworks?