Looking for 2024 WebAudioPlayer example

I can’t seem to find any Example Projects for WebAudioPlayer. My goal is pretty simple; trigger sounds to notify user of events in the web app. Any samples would be great, thanks!

BTW: These are simple small files, like 50k “ding.mp3” type of stuff.

Here is a simple example using WebAudioPlayer:

  1. You have to copy your mp3 files in a Build Step
  2. Add a WebAudioPlayer with HasController property turned off
  3. In the WebPage.Opening event, prepare a WebFile using one of the files you’ve copied in the Build Step and point the WebAudioPlayer.URL property to that WebFile URL
  4. Use WebAudioPlayer.Play whenever you want

The code:


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@Ricardo_Cruz this is perfect, thanks very much - it’s so simple yet so elusive.

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