Looking at Xoppy Bird


I’m working my way through the Xojo manuals and tutorials, and I thought that I’d take a look at the Xoppy Bird 1d example from the Resources - Creating Games section.

When I try to run this I get his error:
ezgl.getVersionInfo, line 14

Thereis more than one item with this name and it’s not clear to which this refers.
dim ext() As String = glGetString(OpenGL.GL_EXTENSIONS).Split(" ")

I don’t have the desktop version of Xojo–and could that be my issue? Or is there something that I’m not setting up correctly?
I’m using Xojo version 2015r2.4, Thanks!

“don’t have the desktop version”
what version DO you have?

OPENGL is a desktop function… I doubt that example would work for iOS or WEB

Newer versions of Xojo need to be more explicit with the type. Splitting it into two lines ought to work:

dim exts As String = glGetString(OpenGL.GL_EXTENSIONS) dim ext() As String = exts.Split(" ")

As Dave notes, this is a desktop game.

Thanks Dave and Paul! That worked–just trying out the build for my computer option–I’m totally thinking about adding a desktop version :slight_smile: