Long vs Short Swipe

Is there a way to detect if a swipe in a table (say to delete) is short and the user taps “delete” vs long? I might want a confirmation on the short, but not on the long swipe.
Or is this not the best practice behavior?

It isn’t possible to detect long vs short swipe.

You could decide on a different approach. Instead of asking for confirmation, display a “toast” with a cancel button.

The toast is an iOSContainer with one label and one button. It fades in when display is required, stays on screen for 4 seconds then fades out.

Well I really like that. I assume that requires a declare?

None that isn’t in iOSDesignExtensions

I’ll try to get the time to post an example on github tomorrow

Thanks Jeremie.

Fyi, to be really accurate with your example, it should say something more like “Shoes removed… but you can leave your hat on” (?)