London XojoCloud server outage

Anyone else getting an outage at the XojoCloud in London?

Just getting a 500 server error, and the Cloud panel is coming back saying there are no applications, so I’m guessing that at least for me its totally unreachable.

I’m taking a look Craig.

Hi Jason, the system seems to have come back up a little after 12:10pm (from early morning when nobody was around to estimate a start time). There is no indication as to what was causing it however and everything was inaccessible - both front end and backend (i.e. Xojo Cloud panel).

Main app on there (SDK1) was coming back with a 500, but another app (SDK2) was reporting 502, or even totally empty data packets returning.

Ok - sorry about that Craig. Glad to hear that it’s up - I will look around and reply to your email.

Hi Jason, is there a good way to monitor uptime or outages other than writing our own tools?

Hi James - your own tools or one of the 3rd party tools are the only way.

I recently stumbled across which is a really basic app that lives in the menubar. It gives a notification if something goes down.


I think serverranger was made by someone using xojo.


I was looking for something simple like Ping. ServerRanger is the whole kitchen sink if you need it :slight_smile: But yes, it’s by @Gavin_Smith !


ServerRanger is what we use to monitor our applications as well as a heartbeat check in from the applications to our databases.


We use UptimeRobot for some years now. You can buy SMS contingent and get a message even if you are out for dinner :joy: