London SuperGroup - The Results

Hi all – thought I’d fire off a post to let you know the outcome of what we discussed last night.

First, a big thanks to those who came along and being so willing to contribute your ideas. Much appreciated guys and I, for one, enjoyed last night. Rather than go into a rambling email – here are the bullet results!! With 20 odd people expressing an interest here, we have a real opportunity to do something special here in London :slight_smile:

I’ve talked to Skills Matter ( who would be absolutely ideal for our needs. They provide facilities/meeting space for tech organisations - as a user group we can use their facilities for free, I’m talking with their guys at the moment to confirm a few things and get a date in the diary. I went there for a Swift user group meetup a couple of days ago and would be very happy if we can get in there, excellent wifi facilities! It’s based 5 mins walk from Barbican tube station. If we get in there we would have a meeting signup process, all I would ask is that if you say you can attend – you make every effort to do so please.

We decided that every month may be a bit frequent so we going to work towards the first Tuesday of every other month. Each meeting would last for 3 hours, if I can get the space then I’d be aiming for a start time of 19:00


  • One idea that seemed to go over well was that we have coding collaboration evenings whereby we set a challenge for the evening and we split into small groups and work the problem – presenting our apps at the end. The idea is more about learning from each other rather than a competition or even completing the challenge! It was felt this could be a fun way to interact together. This would probably become the basis of the get-togethers.
  • We would still have presentation sessions but these would be of the short and sweet variety and based on user group feedback for ideas.
  • “Bring a problem” sessions, if someone is having trouble doing something they could present the problem for discussion, maybe even becoming the subject of the collaborative coding sessions.
  • General networking and hilarity!


My hat’s off to you, Patrick, and the others who have the passion to offer their valuable time to organize and run these user groups. The benefits going forward of such efforts are undeniably positive for both Xojo and the individuals who are enriched with the broadening of their programming knowledge horizon, let alone the camaraderie that goes along with it. “Internal Champions” like you guys can often highly influence the long term success prospects of any company or product.

You (and the others around the world who graciously offer their resource to head up these User Groups) have my highest respect, Sir! I’m sure there are many others out there in XojoLand who would join in thanking you all for that.

if you guys do it regularly, the next time I have a client to meet in London, I could schedule my trip to also visit your meeting.
And beside talking about plugins, I could always pick a topic to give an hour of free training :slight_smile:

That would be very cool Christian :slight_smile:

Well, but first lets all go to Birmingham :slight_smile: