Locked threads, yes, again

Even if no-one responds to it, it would be nice if moderators/staff unlocked threads that moderators/staff respond to that haven’t been closed due to rule issues. I actually didn’t see this happening when I was talking to the wall (Auto lock old topics - Site Feedback - Xojo Forum) about the issue as I just assumed it would be done out of common sense/courtesy. I guess not.

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There is one particular moderator who is very keen on fulfilling his responsibilities - a little too much and even locks threads he personally didn’t like. I really wish I could avoid that particular moderator - but unfortunately you can’t put a moderator on the avoid list here.

This was unintentional and has been reopened. As you have done before you can always request a thread be reopened.


Moderators follow the stated rules closely. Threads are not locked because of personal preference.


Nice. Thanks Dana.


Oh yes … it has been the case in the past.