Localization is driving me mad

I’ve been working on the Spanish translation of my app lately.
All of a sudden, I realise the app doesn’t display French nor Japanese languages anymore.

In the iPhone simulator settings I set language to French and Region to France.
With these settings the App only displays in English.

Same issue with Japanese.

Strangely, German and Spanish languages don’t have this issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What do you have the Default Language set to in Shared Settings?

It is set to Default.

In your dynamic constants, what language is in the default value field? And do you have a specific entry for English as well?

Problem solved… not a Xojo related issue. Thank you for your help.

I use English in the default value and also have a specific entry for English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish.

The issue comes from a dylib that I use for translations that decided that French wasn’t an option anymore. As soon as I didn’t declare into the dylib anymore, French re-appeared.