Locale for currency

Hello, I m working in an busyness application in Spanish from Argentina, and I need to work with monetary values and converting them to string. I have been reading and working with Currency and its toText method. For display on screen I need the $1.000.000,00 format and for exporting to txt and csv I need the 1000000.00 format. I got the results I need, but I m worried about the way I m doing it, because it differs from the documentation description.
This is my example code:

dim s1, s2, s3, s4 as String
dim pesos as Currency = 100000.15
dim l as xojo.Core.Locale

l = xojo.Core.Locale.Current
s1 = pesos.ToText(l)
s2 = pesos.ToText(New Xojo.Core.Locale(“es-AR”))
s3 = pesos.ToText(xojo.core.Locale.Raw)
s4 = pesos.ToText

This is what I get:
s1 = “$100.000,15”
s2 = “$100.000,15”
s3 = “¤100,000.15” -> I do not want this value
s4 = “100000.15”
According to documentation (http://developer.xojo.com/currency) when toText has no locale it uses Raw, but according to my tests it uses this very clean transformation I need. Is it a bug in documentation? can I keep using this method?

Thanks a lot

Raw is using your system locale, so you get comma decimal separator and dot thousands separator. But if your app was to execute on, say, an US computer, you would get dot as decimal separator and comma as thousands separator.

That is convenient to ensure presentation based on user’s settings.

If you absolutely want to make sure to obtain current result in s1 on all computers no matter their locale settings, you must use s2.

Thanks, I’ll use s2 for the display format.
Can I use the s4 for exporting to txt and csv? Is it also safe to use independent of the computer?