Local Xojo Web Solution per User

I am sitting here at a tiny northern car producer…

…and at the moment, I am really satisfied with the electron/Xojo/MBS/ChilkatSoft software environment.

Trying to do everything with node.js gave me

  • better UTF-8 interchangeability (still doing something wrong with Xojo so have to use base64 or ChilkatSoft)
  • worse maintenance
  • at the end still expensive PDF, Excel, etc. components like from MonkeyBreadSoftware (while latter has unbeatable support)

I should really test the Xojo web framework and see, if I can run this locally (per user).

Does this work locally? With a wamp like environment? Or far easier?

Keep keeping well everyone!

run a web application locally… I fail to see the benefit vs a desktop app, but assuming there is one: build your web application as standalone. Specify the port if you need to. No need for a separate web server, it comes included with the executable. You can’t beat that simplicity. I would say that from the point of view of “easy” you have a winner right there. You can build for Windows, for Mac, for Linux, for Pi. Easy as can be.

Thanks a lot for the answer.

Didn’t see that self contained web server is possible…

Now let’s see how to set the port; config.cfg did not work…
Ok, found;-)