Loading STL files into OpenGL

Does anybody have example code to load a 3d STL file into OpenGL?


Yes Assimp should be able to do it, though I haven’t used it with STL. I do use, but just for OBJ files.

I haven’t created the algorithm to load STL files in OpenGL. I have created the algorithm to load obj files from Google sketch from my website at Program OpenGL Core 32-bit with Xojo on Windows and OSX.

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Thank you both, I will check it out.

I purchased you OpenGL book last month, I have been using your classes to try and load the STL.

At this time, your demo’s all work, but I have not been able to load STL file into OpenGL.
I will continue working on it.

I actually tried importing a couple of STL file into AssimpLib and it worked fine

Is there a pluggin / library for Xojo for assimp ?

Also are there any example code using xojo with assimp.

I did a search on xojo form and the reference I found for assimp is in this post.

Thank you for your time.

Jeff Quan ís working on a plugging for Xojo. I have used it for a couple of years now, though I don’t think it’s released yet. I basically use if for product visuals during the design of 3D models in my app. Not very advanced in my case, but it has produced thousands of models by now, and it’s often more than enough for design purposes, but I can also re-export the models to pretty much any rendering and CAD program, so it has served me very well with thousands of renderings. The forum does not allow videos, so I had to convert the 1080 video example (Can be up to 4K) into a .GIF

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