Loading Image into AndroidHTMLViewer

I am trying to display an image into AndroidHTML viewer using the following code:

dim html as string

html="<!DOCTYPE html>" + _
"<html>" + _
"<body style=""background-color:aquamarine;"">" + _
"<h1>Test HTML</h1>" + _
"<img src=""//guard.jpg"" alt=""guard"">" + _
"</body>" + _

me.LoadPage html

But it seems the image doesnt show up.

How can i do that for AndroidHTMLViewer? I dont know where to put the images or the relevant
command to tell XOJO to include the image in the Android APK which later i could refer to in my HTML code in the AndroidHTMLViewer.

Please help and TIA.

Try saving the picture to one of the SpecialFolder.X locations.
Create an HTML file in the same location and load the HTML folderitem in the HTML viewer.

I keep on getting this message when i include the image in the Build step


How do you create a Pre-Build step?

Drag and drop the copy files build step above « build »