Loading containerControl property


I have a property [ ccData ] of type container container control.
I also have an [ ccObject ] of type container control, with some database fields, and I have several of those ccObjects.

how can I load my ccData with one of me ccObjects ? (I know the name of the ccObject )

ccData = name of ccObject → does not work

container control is the base class.
if you designed a container control you would use a property name (in case you had create them at runtime)
MyContainerControlA1 As MyContainerControlA
MyContainerControlB1 As MyContainerControlB
if you like to put different cc’s all into one List you can use a Interface in each.
AnyContainerControl As MyContainerControlInterface
AllContainerControls() As MyContainerControlInterface

danke Markus, works as expected

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