Load PopopMenu Group Items from Sqlite DB

I’m Trying to load AddRow group Items into a Popup menu selected by RadioButtions

RadioButtonGroup1 Loads Item 1 and Item 2 into the PopupMenu (PopUpMenuGroup)
RadioButtonGroup2 Loads Item 3 and Item 4 into the PopUpMenu (PopUpMenuGroup)

Using the LIKE with the wildcard to filter the groups and not getting the desired result. the RecordSet rs is showing (Below) in debug and is not loading the PopupMenu Items. This is obviously not the right way to do it. I was thinking of using MATCH instead of LIKE. Are there any suggestions of the best way to achieve this simple task?

BOF True
EOF True
FieldCount 2

Dim Group As String
//Table PopupMenuGroup
ID   PopupItem   ItemGroup
0     Item 1       Group1
1     Item 2       Group1
2     Item 3       Group2
3     Item 4       Group2

If radioButtonGroup1.Value = True Then
	Group = "Group1"
ElseIf radioButtonGroup2.Value = True Then
	Group = "Group2"
End If
 Dim rs as RecordSet
 rs = db.SQLSelect("SELECT * FROM PopupMenuGroup  WHERE  ItemGroup  LIKE '"+ Group +"%'" )  
   if rs <> Nil then //Continue if there is data
    do until rs.EOF //continue until we reach the End Of File
      PopupMenuGroup.AddRow rs.Field("PopupItem").StringValue //Add rows of data
      PopupMenuGroup.RowTag(PopupMenuGroup.ListCount-1) = rs.Field("ID").IntegerValue //Breaks
      rs.MoveNext //move to the next recordset
    loop //get the next row of data
	If PopupMenuGroup.ListCount <> -1 Then
		PopupMenuGroup.Enabled = True
	End If
    MsgBox "No RecordSet exists."
  end if


WHERE  ItemGroup  = '"+ Group +"'"

It worked thanks Wanyne