Load a project with VirtualBox

I wanted to check how Object2D example of mine was working on WIndows (once more / read another conversation) - still yesterday.

And I fall into troubles…

Because the project takes time to be loaded into Xojo 2013r4.1, I re-boot VirtualBox, remove its images from the two folders, refresh the shared folder and re-load the project who tooks more than 6 minutes to go.

Once I saw it was loaded, I wanted to add the images back to the project (simple images, most of them 32 x 32, all small images) using drag and drop, but I failed.

I used the method displayed in the screen shot above without success too; I mean: no imported image at all !

So, I cleared the project, trashed it from VirtualBox and copy a fresh one into the shared folder (with the images / images folders).

It also took time… time… time… Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz (so I go to dinner) and when I came back, I was able to run the project. NOT compiling it. Read another conversation.

Why is it so long and why it does works ?

It’s hard to guess at your posts. You moved the project and it couldn’t find the images? That’s expected on Windows. Or is there some other issue?

Hi Emile, your pictures never show up here in the forum. Could you describe your problems - just a bit - more concise?

Sorry for the images, but they are here in this page as I type.

Link to download the Image.

Back to the start:

I wanted to debug a project, so I copy the project (in VirtualBox Shared folder) and two supporting folders that holds 32 x 32 and some other images within a folder. I wanted to load the project, but after a reasonable wait (two minutes), the project is still trying to be loaded, so I supposed it was a problem with the images. I stopped the operation (Cancel does not worked).

I trashed the project, remove the images from the project (a copy of the project from the OS X part), copy it back into the VirtualBox Shared folder, refresh the folder, and double clic into the project to see it waiting, waiting…

After a while, long long while, the project was loaded. So I wanted to put the needed images back to the project and here started the second part of the trouble with the project: a drag and drop of the files from the Explorer into the project / project folder (2 unsucessfull tries) did not show anything in the Navigator.
The screen shot shows the reported error in the background (I did not found the image…) and above all the dialog to import one image (I took a 32 x 32 icon) that does not load anything, but silently, no error report.

At last, when I quit the IDE, no warning was done asking me to save changes (so, no change have been done at all).

I do not tried anything else since I already fall into that trap days ago.

At last, I built the application on the Mac and move the files into the shared folder/run them from there.

I hope it is clear now and the image comes.

I use the other way. Acces your local home drive from the virtual machine. So you don’t need to copy the project. But the best way is to install the “Remote Debugger Tool” from Xojo on your virtual WinXP system and run your project from your local hardware based machine in debug modus. This works fine. I do this for Windows and Linux from my MacBook or MacPro. It will work from and to any platform.

Hi horst,

can you elaborate the process a little bit ?
(both sugegstions)

For remote debugging read this information

In the settings of VirtualBox you can assign your local disks as a shared folder. Read the online documentation for Sharing Folder.
I use Parallels Desktop for my Mac hardware and VirtualBox on Windows hardware.

I will do, thank you.