Live resize image while window resizing = true

I have a listbox that displays thumbnails of photos that are drag/dropped into the first column:

// add thumbnail imageFrame = new Picture(175, 175) dim thumbnail as Picture = GenerateThumbnail(openFile, 175) dim x as Integer = (imageFrame.Width / 2) - (thumbnail.Width / 2) dim y as Integer = (imageFrame.Height / 2) - (thumbnail.Height / 2) imageFrame.Graphics.DrawPicture(thumbnail, x, y)
As a user resizes the window to his/her liking, the images become stretched.
I know I can easily solve this by not allowing them to resize the window, but I dislike when developers do this unless it’s for good reason.
How can I have the thumbnails dynamically resize while the window is being resized?

This is a project I’m coming back to after a few months removed…
I forgot that I had set column widths onOpen, and had set a few column widths using the *.
So I simply took that off of the first column and fixed my issue.