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Join the Xojo Team 2022-04-28T19:00:00Z for a live hangout after the Ask the Engineers session. We’ll have different breakout rooms to keep the groups small, so you can jump around depending on who you’d like to chat with. This event will not be recorded.

Topic: XDC Anywhere: Xojo Hangout
Time: 2022-04-28T19:00:00Z - 2022-04-28T19:45:00Z

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Meeting ID: 813 4220 1771
Passcode: 110399

I’m curious how the breakout rooms will work. Is this a feature of zoom or something you’re organizing?

Will the breakout rooms have hosts or is it up to the attendees to break into groups (ala finding a table at the conference)?

If this is a conversation better to have directly please let me know :slight_smile:

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It’s a good question, let me explain. The breakout rooms is a feature of Zoom and yes, you can self-select which room you want to be in. We will have 3 breakout rooms and the main “general” room. When you join the meeting you’ll be put in the main room. Your Zoom menu will have an icon for Breakout rooms, something like this:

When you click that, you’ll see the 3 rooms with the names of the hosts - for example Travis/Paul - and a list of the people who are in the room. You can move around to any room you want at any time or stay in the main room and talk to whoever is there. There will be people in the main room to help and explain this too :slight_smile:


This looks great. I’m sorry I’m going to miss everyone, I have a dentist appointment :frowning:

Sorry you will miss for the Dentist! :frowning:

from europe the time in the pinned post says 8pm on the first message of this thread is says 9 pm ?

That is the for the Ask the Engineers session, which starts in 5 minutes. The Hangout is after that in an hour.

This hangout starts in 3 minutes!


Why were questions by the participants not visible for other participants in the “Ask the Engineers” session? Was that on purpose? If so, wouldn’t that create unnecessary redundancy for the engineers, because they may have to wade through similar questions posed several times by the participants. And the participants are left in the dark not knowing if the questions they’re typing in have already been typed in by someone else?

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That’s pretty much how Zoom webinars work. I believe the questions do become visible once they are marked as answered, but I got a bit behind on that at the beginning.

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Thank you Paul. By the way, the dean of the dental school in Augusta, GA has the same last name as you but pronounces it more in the French style. It’s a very popular last name in Quebec where I studied French many years ago. :man_artist:

Don’t miss your dental appointment! @Alyssa_Foley I’m a dentist by the way :laughing: :nerd_face:

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I promise I would never dare miss an appointment! I love my dental hygienist and my dentist!