little DB survey

I have created a survey, just out of curiosity, to find out which database is most used in each country. I am sharing it in several places. if you want to participate you can do it… it only takes 30 seconds. after a while I will share the results

this survey is completely anonymous. email addresses are not collected. please keep in mind that your answer cannot be changed. take the time to respond appropriately

if you would like to share this survey with other groups or individuals, it would be very helpful. the more professionals who respond, the more accurate the results

It would be helpful if the engines were sorted alphabetically.

What is the purpose of this survey?


while not broken down by country, statistics on DB engine popularity do exist already. A often cited one is

wow!! i didn’t know that page. they’ve done a huge job. it would be super interesting if at some point they could add the country