Little contribution: face detection

I wanted to share a small project I worked in for face detection in images.

It is based on the work of Karthik Tharavaad and Maurice Svay from

I basically only ported it to Xojo, unfortunately it is not very fast but may be it can help someone.

You may download the project from: (If it could be attached to this post it would be great, please let me know).

By taking a look on the original code you will understand better how it works as I haven’t commented my code.

A little contribution for all the help received, thanks :wink:

In the method computeii I get an out of bounds error on line:

   Dim prgb as Color = pcanvas.Graphics.Pixel(j,i)

I gave it a small JPEG (122K) with only two faces.

Thanks David, only tested with larger images for my own needs.

Also, no error handling included, sorry.

I would open a Github or BitBucket account (both are free) and add it to a repository there. That way others can not only download the code but can help out by adding code to it. Just my 2 cents worth.