Lite license

Will purchasing a lite license for Linux allow me to develop on the Mac and compile for Linux? Or must I use the Linux IDE? I need to compile my apps for 64-bit Linux but really have no pressing need to renew my Desktop license (good thru 2015R1).

Also are there any limitations to the Lite license other than building for only one platform? I can’t seem to find any information about it?

The Lite license is intended for people who only use one platform. So for example “Work on the Mac, compile for Mac”. However if you have a Lite license then you should be able to upgrade to a Desktop license and you’ll get the remaining value of your Lite license credited for the bill.

You could get clever. The Lite license only allows you to use the binary format anyway, so you might be able to develop with the free, unlicensed IDE on Mac, then use your license on a Linux machine to build. However, if Xojo is a tool you love to use and want to support you should pick up a full Desktop license to support the company.

Here is the webarchive of the old comparison chart to give you a better idea of the license differences:

Thanks Tim. The comparison chart is helpful. So I guess the answer is that I would have to build on my Linux box. Saving in binary and having no version control or support are not an issue.

No, you can use your Mac and build for Linux on it with a Linux lite license. The license is just a build enabler, it does not restrict you to a certain development platform.

Err can @Dana Brown comment on this?

Tim’s idea of using the free IDE, on macOS, and then having the Lite license, for Linux, to do the compile, would be the easiest and cheaper than buying the full Desktop license…

In theory.

Practically: boring

The OP better use the free IDE to test its ideas on the target platform, looks what that do and when happy with the result, buy the appropriate license (buy the license for the target platform).

Doing stuff on a platform for another platform add time to the overall, but not only.

Of course, if the OP already have a contract for an application, my suggestion is to buy the IDE license for the Target OS and do the developments on the Target machine.


In case of trouble, i always recommend to buy the Desktop License for macOS. Because from there, you can build for any Platform… :wink:

That is not actually true. The Xojo IDE is always cross-platform!

To be clear, a Xojo Lite Mac license will let you develop on Windows or Linux or Mac but only compile for Mac. The target platform (the platform for which you can compile is what is limited). Xojo Lite Windows will only let you compile for Windows but you can develop from Windows, Mac or Linux.

Oh thank you Alyssa! Aging did not start that fast!

So there seems to be some confusion in this thread so just to be super clear: A Linux Lite license will let you develop on your Mac and compile for Linux - only for Linux.

Oh okay! Great!! I was hoping that was the case. Thank you!

LITE is write on ANY, compile for ONE
DESKTOP is write on ANY, compile for ANY

[quote=337035:@Dave S]So…
LITE is write on ANY, compile for ONE
DESKTOP is write on ANY, compile for ANY[/quote]

Oh see I didn’t understand that you get locked into the platform at checkout. I thought it was you could only build for the platform you are on. Interesting turn of events!

I had thought that LITE was : write on ONE compile for ONE, but seems to not be so… which makes sense since the “FREE” version is write on ANY, compile for NONE

Either way, support Xojo and get a full Desktop license!

Thanks for the clarification. It would be best if the online description and ordering pages were just as clear about this point…
Cheers, Joe